cheat all hair style permanent
TOOLS : fiddler
SWF File : here

☻ weapon Clan ( not permanent ) damage 10000
☻ Teddy Bear    ( not permanent )
☻ ALL Hair Style ( Permanent )

clear cache > force on fiddler > play your ninja saga
go to gear > see weapon > clothing
Style Shop ALL hair style ( Permanent )
NB : Emblem Usher free / free Usher 200T
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Recruitment member clan

Recruitment member clan

▬▬▐▐▐ ▬▬
Recruitment member clan 

Name Clan         :  Akatzuki M you
      ID CLAN     :  74405
      min level      :  70
      every day raising the reputation of  : 1000
join the group Akatzuki M you to share info...
( ) 
▬▬▐▐▐ ▬▬ 
Recruitment member clan
Recruitment member clan

Recruitment member clan
Recruitment member clan

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Info Pet Hachibi

info pet hachibi
  Tailed Beast Pet Hachibi for every purchase of 2200, 7500, and emblem package. The following pet skills Hachibi.:

Level 1   : Normal attack.
Level 5   : Dark lightning ball (Mengurangi dodge musuh sebesar 5% selama 2 turn).
Level 10 : Destroyer bite (Menyebabkan stun selama 1 turn).
Level 15 : Raido armor (Menambah damage pet sebesar 100%, dan critical 25%, efek samping : serangan yang diterima +25%) (4 turn).
Level 20 : Secret : Lightning dopelganger impulse (Mengurangi 10% hp musuh selama 2 turn).
Level 30 : Secret : Wave of haze lightning (Restriction 1 turn). 
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Cheat Kyubi 100% Work

cheat kyubi
Tools : fiddler
SWF : Here

- Go to shop buy TOKENS
- close fiddler
- claim Kyubi

NB : cheat doesn't last long 

Tutorial cheat : 

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Cheat Classic xmas ( cheat engine )

  Cheat Hairstyle Xmass Pack PERMANENT"!

● Open Ninja Saga and CE
● Click proces list use mozilla
● Change 4 bytes to Text
● Search hair307
● When you search hair307 you will see 2 addres
● For men change adress hair307 to hair315
● For women change addres from hair307 to hair316
● Then go to style shop and use the new hairstyle refresh and PERMANENT !!
NB : emblem usher free / free usher 200T

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Claim Classic Xmas Pack Free

Claim Classic X'mas Pack Free
   Ninja Saga gives a gift package for you to buy a package of 1000, 2000, 7500, and emblem package. Gift given, among others:
 - Xmas hair
- Xmas clothes
- Xmas pet, Shika (In contrast to the previous pet Shika, Shika because this time is white with a blue scarf).

Pet Skill Shika X'mas Pack :

Claim Classic X'mas Pack Free
- Level 1: Normal Attack
- Lv 10: rammed his horns into the target
- Lv 20: Removes all negative status on the target
- Lv 30: 50% chance of causing frozen (1 turn stun and damage Received -30%)
- Lv 40: Causes Frozen status during the second turn
- Lv 50: Make a 50% chance of a master immune to all negative status

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Tips Fortune Card

 How to get Lucky fortune card :
you can get kinjusu / Tokens and proven :-D
-open you fortune card when you get Such cards :
Tips Fortune Card
 value card : 20%
must refresh card ( NOT LUCKY )!!! Your tokens will be reduced one token. no problem only one token :P

-you must get a better card whose value is 70-100% when you want lucky!!
like this :
value : 90%
Tips Fortune Card
value : 80%
Tips Fortune Card
 you'll get lucky and your token isn't wasteful
Tips Fortune Card

GOOD LUCK...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CHEAT ATM Exp 1-80 + GOLD NEW ( Fiddler )

Cheat Atm Exp

download fiddler : here
file swf : here

- Instant Chunin
- Instant Jounin
- Special Jounin
- Instant Misi

How to use cheat :
Open fiddler > Darg file SWF > Clear chace > Fiddler traffic ON
Play Ninja Saga > Go to Headquartes > Enter Code 63978DCB04 
ENJOY Leveling Don't Forget FOLLOW Cheat-afrix...!!!
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Cheat Thanks Giving Turkey (permanent )

cheat thanksgiving turkey
Tools : Charles
Step to use cheat:
1. Go to Charles and click the breakpoint
2. Sign Style Shop
3. click execute 1 time
4. then click edit the response>> AMF>> hair data>> open 3 folder and change the code ..!!!

Id: 309
Description: Thanksgiving 2011 Limited Edition
swf_name: 155_0
is_new: true
is_limited: true

Id: 311
Description: Thanksgiving 2011 Limited Edition
swf_name: 156_0
is_new: true
is_limited: true

Id: 313
Description: Thanksgiving 2011 Limited Edition
swf_name: 157_0
is_new: true
is_limited: true

tutorial video :
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Cheat Fortune Card

cheat fortune card

Tools : charles
tutorial video :

More aboutCheat Fortune Card

Hack Clothing & Skill Clan / Wepon Season 1-4

Hack Clothing & Skill Clan

Tools :
SWF file : here

1. Open ns  and fiddler
2. Drag file to fiddler 
3. Clear chace
4. Trfic force fiddler
5. Play Ninja Saga
6. Go to Academy
7. Open Charles 351
8. go to gear enquip weapom clan/ clothing / skill enjoy ^_^

tutorial enquip with charles :

More aboutHack Clothing & Skill Clan / Wepon Season 1-4

Claim Vrtual Item Code

claim virtual item code

just INFO : claim virtual item code

you can get Virtual item with mol point : here 
* Important note: If you purchase more than 400 Facebook Credits, you would not get any Free in-game items *  
More aboutClaim Vrtual Item Code

The Promotion ( cheat-afrix )

The Promotion ( cheat-afrix )
FOLLOW || Do not forget your comment
Visit  :

thank"s for watching....
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Cheat Gold + Exp Ninja Saga

cheat gold + exp

TOOLS : fiddler
SWF : here

How to use:
1. Go to Charles
2. Go Ninja Saga to the character selection, not at Click Play First
3. On the Breakpoint Click charles then select the character in NS then click PLAY
4. Execute Up to 3 times
5. Then click edit the response>> AMF>> Server time change to 1318698102>> Execute
6. Remove the Breakpoint
7. On reaching the village, Charles Close and then Open Fiddler
8. Drag files to the fiddler
9. Clear Chace
10. Sign Headquarter
11. Enter this code 63978DCB04
12. Please Choose a cheat where you want to use

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Cheat Instant Mission 64-66

cheat instant mission

tools : fiddler
SWF :  here dude!!

- play ninja saga
- clear chance
- trffic force on fiddler
- go to mission 64-66 ( mission instant )
More aboutCheat Instant Mission 64-66

Cheat Tp New Ninja Saga

cheat talent point
tools : charles
-open ninja saga
-charles breakpoint
-start charakter ninja saga
-excs 6x found bodline change level 10 & 9 ( you upgrade and save permanent )
tutorial video :
More aboutCheat Tp New Ninja Saga

Proof Of Payment Paid To Promote

Paid to Promote
you want to fill your paypal account:
Paid-To-Promote proven to pay. & NOSCAM

register click : here
only display a banner on your blog, then you will be paid annually on 15 and 30

put on your blog :
Paid to Promote
More aboutProof Of Payment Paid To Promote

Get Kabocha Samurai Ninja Saga

Get Kabocha Samurai
You can get a pet, with the purchase of tokens worth: 2200/7500 or buy emblem.
in addition, you can make purchases with mYchard

Get Kabocha Samurai
More aboutGet Kabocha Samurai Ninja Saga

Cheat Token&Kinjutsu

Tools : charles
tutorial cheat :
More aboutCheat Token&Kinjutsu

Cheat Phantom Impluse

cheat phantom impluse
tools : charles
tutorial cheat : >>>>
More aboutCheat Phantom Impluse

Cheat Atm Exp New

cheat xp ninja saga
tools : fiddler
file SWF : here

1. force traffic to fiddler
2. play charakter
3. go to recruit friend
4. enjoy level up :D
More aboutCheat Atm Exp New

Instant Hunting Hose and Get Magatama Random

cheat magatama ninja saga

tools : Fiddler
file SWF : here

 - Go to Recruit friend
 - wait until boss loses all
 - you can get magatama random
More aboutInstant Hunting Hose and Get Magatama Random

Cheat Damage ( with cheat engine )

Cheat Damage Ninja Saga

tools :
cheat enginedownload
 how to use  cheat damage : disni ( indonesia language )
                                           here  ( english language )
More aboutCheat Damage ( with cheat engine )

Get Free Emblem Ninja Saga

  How to get ninja saga EMBLEM for free" 100% work no cheat.
step 1. register : here
Get Free Emblem Ninja Saga
step 2. Fill in your complete date is correct and complete, don't be afraid of fraud because the site is not a scam site!!
Now is time to look for dollar purse. after you register yourself, automatically been logged. then click VIEW ADS and you will see something like this at the very top:
Click on a site below and get paid up to $ .03 just for viewing it. Constantly New websites are being added so the make sure to check back Often. Additional Bonus offers are also available below.

Get Free Emblem Ninja Saga
Now you've got a few dollars just by looking at sites which provide!! 
step 3. register paypal : here  
& you can find on google (how to register paypal)
Get Free Emblem Ninja Saga

step 4. upgrade you ninja saga" ( emblem )
Get Free Emblem Ninja Saga
 step 5. you become emblem usher :
Get Free Emblem Ninja Saga

More aboutGet Free Emblem Ninja Saga

Cheat TP (talent point) + Zanto Kiwako

cheat TP (talrnt point) update
tools :
   fiddler : here
   SWF : here
   how to use "
1)darg SWF file>fiddler
   force ON fiddler
   play you carakter ninja saga
   and you must RELOAD again> play charkter
   Go to TP Training 
2) enquip kunai levl 1
    Zanto Kiwako

Cheat TP (talent point)
More aboutCheat TP (talent point) + Zanto Kiwako

Beli Emblem Dengan Gudang Vocher

   Hari gini masih free usher hehe.... kali ini saya akan posting tentang bagaimana cara membeli EMBLEM resmi, tentunya tidak geratisan "No Cheat, banyak cara untuk melakukan pembelian EMBLEM resmi dan sangat mudah, seperti metode pembayaran paypal, Visa, credit card, Gudang Vocher, Mol Point dll. bagi agan-agan yang masih bingung tidak tahu cara nya langsung saja ke TKP" saya ambil contoh pembayaran paling mudah yaitu dengan Gudang Vocher" bagaimana caranya?> daftar aja di Gudang Vocher klik Disini
ingat Gudang Vocher sekarang berbeda dengan dulu, karena metode pengisiannya dengan transfer Bank atau rekening bank/ATM, banyak kejadian penipuan/Joki palsu dengan madus pengisian pulsa akan dikirim emblem, jadi berhati-hatilah, tidak semuanya joki bisa di percaya! ingat untuk pembelian EMBLEM resmi saya kasih daftar nya : untuk mata uang Dollar $ 19.99 USD kalau di rupiah kan Rp207.132,00 IDR seharaga kita membeli 200 Kredit Facebook, jadi kalau ada joki dengan alasan emblem murah dibawah dari harga resmi kemungkinan FAKE/palsu, peringatan juga walaupaun ada joki emblem pke cheat hati-hati dengan BANNED!! sudah susah payah leveling char kita di hapus pihak NS jd setressss, ambil yang aman-aman saja. yang penting happy,  gamers sejati harga EMLBLEM tidaklah mahal itung2 buat hiburan daripada mikirin gayus tambunan... hehee...
   Untuk Gudang Vocher  harus top up melalui rekning bank/ATM, saat ini pembelian dengan gudang vocher sangat diminati para pemain NS contoh saat saya melakukan pembelian emblem:
1. sebelum di upgarde menjadi emblem usher
Beli Emblem Dengan Gudang Vocher
2. melakukan pembelian EMBLEM dengan membeli 200 credit FB, menggunakan Gudang Vocher
Beli Emblem Dengan Gudang Vocher
 3. medapat 200 credit FB dan get ninja emblem
Beli Emblem Dengan Gudang Vocher
4 hasilnya

Beli Emblem Dengan Gudang Vocher
 Dijamin lebih asik bermain dengan premium usher/emblem ENJOYYYY....!!!!
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1 Hitt Kill All Boss + Shikigami Dori

tools :
fiddler : here
SwF File : here
- clear chace
- forceOn fiddler
- play charakter
- go to hunting House >> enjoy^^
More about1 Hitt Kill All Boss + Shikigami Dori