Thursday, 8 December 2011

Claim Classic Xmas Pack Free

Claim Classic X'mas Pack Free
   Ninja Saga gives a gift package for you to buy a package of 1000, 2000, 7500, and emblem package. Gift given, among others:
 - Xmas hair
- Xmas clothes
- Xmas pet, Shika (In contrast to the previous pet Shika, Shika because this time is white with a blue scarf).

Pet Skill Shika X'mas Pack :

Claim Classic X'mas Pack Free
- Level 1: Normal Attack
- Lv 10: rammed his horns into the target
- Lv 20: Removes all negative status on the target
- Lv 30: 50% chance of causing frozen (1 turn stun and damage Received -30%)
- Lv 40: Causes Frozen status during the second turn
- Lv 50: Make a 50% chance of a master immune to all negative status