Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cheat Ninja Saga with CE

Cheat Ninja Saga with CE

   Ninja Saga 2012. Ninja Saga is a game created and developed by Emagist Entertainment Limited. Ninja Saga is one game that was created and well played on Facebook. Ninja Saga is a ninja who is very casual play online roleplaying. It contains great animation and skills to bring complete satisfaction to the player.

   Ninja Saga was first released to the public on Facebook and every feature available on Facebook. Ninja Saga then ported to MySpace and Orkut, but not all the features available on MySpace and Orkut.

Ninja Saga is a popular game on Facebook, this game revolves around ninja who must perform a variety of exercises and complete several missions. A lot of missions that should be run so many

To outsmart the game cheat you need a cheat token, Here's a saga ninja game Ninja Saga to help you better.

Prepare required to use this latest cheat, like the latest version of Cheat Engine, the latest mozilla firefox, etc.. Hopefully the latest cheat 2012 below 100% are still working or work.

TOOLS : cheat engine 

DAMGE cheat
1. open cheat engine
2. click select proces to open (the computer image icon in the upper half-right corner)
3. looking for the browser you use to play ninja saga
4. then click open
5. the column value type replace with "Array of bytes" and check also scan read in-memory
6. scan code is 62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A3 in frist scan
7. 2x click under the heading Addresses (upper right corner and a half)
8. at the bottom right-click 2x the results of earlier
9. under the heading value click 2x
10. replace the code 62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A3
11. to 62 04 D3 24 64 A2 A2

GOLD cheat
1. open cheat engine
2. process to mozilla
3. complete daily tasks such as mission was completed 4
4. are finished remember "do not claim first"
5. open cheat engine change the value type 4 bytes
6. write the amount of money you then first scan
7. 2x click the address that appears
8. 2x click the address change xxxx78 be xxxxAC
9. then change its value to be 75 000
10. then enter room kage
11. then check eneble speed hack cheat engine 1.0 to 500.0 (
12. daily tasks and then claim reward
13. then you shall make 16 million gold!
14. been completed

HP (blood) cheat
open the ninja saga continues to open cheat engine and scan the money you have
address after the rear door 78 in the locker AC (AC **** example)
in value there is a number of levels you
try to fight the enemy and if his blood would run out valuenya replaced 60
 and you make friends with lvl higher than your lvl