Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pet nanabi ninja saga

pet nanabi ninja saga

 New pet Nanabi

Skill 1: Underground soil mash attack (reduce 15% dodge).
Skill 2: Undergound ferrets fist (50% chance of eliminating the enemy buff / dispersion)
Skill 3: Heavy rock break strike (stun all enemies 2 turn)
Skill 4:

Similar to the story Naruto Shichibi Nanabi (Rigid) the tails of seven
pet nanabi ninja saga
* Name: Shichibi Nanabi the tail seven Nanabi (Rigid)
     * Type: Rigid unknown possibilities of the tail seven or Suzaku, the Phoenix, one of the animals legend in Japan.
     * Jinchuuriki: A kunoichi from the village Takigakure
     * First appearance in the comic: Chapter 420
     * First appearance in episode: Episode NA
     * Rating: Not yet known
     * Special Ability: Not yet known, it is likely to move through the soil and attack him with his foot to destroy the enemy.
     * Status: Captured by Akatsuki

Jinchuuriki of the seven tailed bijuu is a kunoichi who is still not known what was his name, but he lived in the village Takigakure. Bijuu has been captured and sealed by Akatsuki.

History Legend:

   It could also be called a rigid "mujina" is a squirrel-shaped Bijuu. Kanjinya also be read as Mujina, the name of a subspecies of the squirrel (Meles Meles Anaguma) that exist in several places in Japan. He came from the altar of sacrifice on the outskirts of Nagoya. Kaku has seven tails, and the smallest among the Bijuu, although he is a bijuu terlicik and most "intruders" from the nine other Bijuu. Rigid hunt their prey from the ground all the time. He kills with erode / destroy the ground under their prey, making it fall right on his mouth wide open already. On the ground, he can turn into anything, as long as he has clay. Body-colored clay storage biru.Tempat hers was already known by the fighters and burned. Rigid and can not change shape and was defeated by the brave fighters Ikkyo Soujin, which Kaku seal with power tools remaining to seal the Earth Altar in the temple of the earth.