Thursday, 5 April 2012

Info Material House | Materials Market Ninja Saga

Info Material House Materials Market Ninja Saga
      At this time update on the hunting house , there is a Materials market, here you can exchange material that you can after the boss fight in the house hunting with a gun that is sure to cool. At first glance I read, average house hunting guns - has the effect of average accuracy. So, this is the first step for developers to be able to offset the NS wind user in PVP. So what are you waiting? for those who get discouraged because users can not beat the wind, immediately wrote hunting weapon - the weapon cool

- Cheat Kari Gumi VS Egg Hunting House

Instant Kill BOSS Kari Gumi with Fiddler
filee SWF : HERE 
Reduce level boss : 1 easy kill the boss
-Darg file SWF 
-fiddler Force Traffic
-Play Ninja Saga
-Go to Hunting House enjoy ^_^