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Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games

Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games - In the mid-20th century, the new nation Koroga is developing countries. It grew quickly and in less than twenty years became one of the most powerful country in the world. On the rapid growth, the country must face the industrialization, the growth of individualism and the population decreases. When some national policy to increase the population failed, the Government turned to immigration for the answer. The nation enjoys cheap labor and an increase in the number of inhabitants; However, there is now increased conflict between native peoples and new immigrants. The natives enjoy immigrants bring prosperity, but treating them as a servant class with few rights and no legal or political representation. The immigrants had tried to use a passive way to express their grievances and gain influence with the native peoples are more liberal-thinking, but the oppression of the Government has made it impossible.

High tensions have forced the natives to crack down on the immigrant unrest and in turn has encouraged immigrants to support political groups who are more radical. The growing conflicts of interest due to divide the people between the original CT-Force (blue team) and the rebel free immigrants (red team).
CT-Force mission is to protect the authentic social order and privilege. For this purpose, it has declared all-out war against the rebels free the militants. Meanwhile, the rebels have sought to overthrow the free establishment. Some want to force the Government to recognize their demands, some want to replace it with a different form of Government or social order that is more diverse, while others just want to destroy at all.

Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
The Korogese collapse. Though technologically advanced industrial power of the world, the Government is weak, ineffective, corrupt, and divided along sectarian lines. Swelling of the decaying cities ruled by criminal gangs. Companies that have a lot of influence over the Government of democratically elected and the gap between rich and poor is increasing. Prosperity and a new era of global peace has made its citizens willing to trade their rights for comfort and security.
Companies holding views that they know best. They hoped to create social utopia where the free market forces will control society and political system will be reduced to figureheads. One part of this purpose, is to replace the corps volunteers and army troops korogese ' s, the defense the company named dilatih-dan-dikendalikan paramilitary mercenary aegis incorporated. With support from the late anti-war activist groups anti-military and financed by companies, government disbanded the corps and give facilities and equipment aegis lnc this followed by a series of legislation that limits freedom of personal should be enacted to combat crime, increased rates but really created to assist in controlling korogese the citizens ' s.

A large faction within The Corps went underground and was hoping to topple the oligarchy managed company that runs Korogese and replace them with genuine democracy. Through the support of civic groups anti-corporation, funding from wealthy customers, and the black market connections under The criminal underground building an Army Corps which was impressive and well armed thugs. They plan to wear under the Aegis of the guerilla campaign, attacking the cabal's leadership the company that runs the oligarchs and eliminate any civilian collaborators and traitors who support them.
Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
Players have to choose between the sides. Aegis Inc. (blue team) support law and order, but represented tyranny and oppression. The Corps (red team) supporting democracy and freedom, but represent the indiscriminate violence and anarchy. The side that survived the conflict will impose their views on the social masses.

Game Mode Point Blank

This can be played one of two ways. 1) The round lasts until a set number of characters on one side are killed. The team that reaches the total number of kills first wins. 2) The round lasts until a set time limit runs out. The team with the most kills when the round ends is the winner. Dead characters are respawned until the round ends. On several maps, the maximum number of player is 4vs4 instead of 8vs8.
Bomb Mission:
Red Team must try to either emplace and detonate a bomb in a designated area or kill all the Blue Team defenders. Blue Team must defend the objective, intercept all Red Team bombers, and/or defuse the emplaced bomb. Dead characters do not get respawned for the duration of the round. The several version of Point Blank call this "Explosive Mission"
One team must destroy the target objective in the enemy’s area while defending or protecting their target objective. If neither objective is destroyed before the time limit is up, the team that scored the most damage on their opponent's objective wins. Dead characters are respawned until the round ends.
Annihilate the opposing team. Dead characters do not get respawned for the duration of the round.
AI Challenge:
A practice mode in which 1-4 players of one faction fend off 1-8 “Artificial Intelligence”-run "bot" characters of the opposing faction. The AI's difficulty can be set from 1 (easy) to 10 (impossible). Dead characters do not get respawned for the duration of the round. Since it is for practice, Kills and Deaths scored in this mode do not count towards a player's career Kill/Death totals.
Defense Mission:
The Red Team must destroy two Panther Class Tanks of Blue Team while Blue Team must protect their Panther Class Tanks. This is different from Destroy Mission while in Destroy Mission, both team have similar objective. Only "Black Panther" map currently running this mode.
Dino Mode:
A Human vs. Dino mode. in this mode, the Red Team was changed to Dino, and Blue Team was changed to Human. One of Dino will be the strongest Dino which changes on every stages.This game was called as Ally Mission in Game modes selection
Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
Point Blank Online Free Download PC Games
Login to Point Blank online :

1. On the login screen, enter your userID and password that you have registered in If not on the list, the game register your Member ID

2. In the server selection screen, please select the server you are still empty to join into it. Press twice on the highlighted server or click CONNECT at the bottom.

3. If you are a new player in the Point Blank Online, the system will prompt you determine your character's nickname, which appears prior to joining the lobbying game. Please fill your character's nickname, and press OK. System will ask for re- nickname if you specify one or already owned by other characters.

4. If nickname is specified, then you've joined the appropriate Point Blank Online just nickname you specify. Welcome to play

 Point Blank Online FPS
System requirements:
-Windows 2000/XP;
-Pentium III / Athlon 800 MHz;
-128 MB of RAM;
-DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card with support for T & L 32 MB;
-DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card;
-DirectX 9.0c;
-1 GB of free hard disk space
keyboard, mouse.

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