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Free Download Games Luxor 3 Full Version Update

Free Download Games Luxor 3 Full Version
Free Download Games Luxor 3 Full Version
Games Luxor 3 The game remains the same as in the previous edition of Luxor: the main objective of the game is to remove as many balls of different colors (ranging from four to nine different color) from the trajectory of the ball before they enter the pyramid at the end of the song. Colored balls line held by the bug at the back end, and a number of sets of this set should be cleaned.
Luxor 3 examples of Canopic jars have emerged in the middle of the game: they will appear several times in each level until collected by was hit by a ball. Collect all this in four classic mode levels of each stage will unlock a bonus level in the late stages. After the bottles are collected in a level or if all four jars are gathered to stage, then the rest of the level or stage, respectively, will have a gold scarab appears to explode like the bottle. The scarab of gold drop from 3-6 the ankh coins game difficuly depending on the level (easy, medium, Hard, insane).
Free Download Games Luxor 3 Full Version
Free Download Games Luxor 3 Full Version
In general, 100 points are awarded for each scope, with multipliers correspondent number of explosions concurrent from one ball rolled out to print. The shot of a special character had 3 x multiplier if scoring occurs. Lots of bonuses given to different factors at the end of each level. Items falling from the playfield is also worth points. Ankh coins are worth 250 points for each collected, while jewelry-type collectables are worth anywhere from 250 for every 10,000 points (higher valued jewels are introduced as the game progresses, and the level in the later stages often have jewels that make up a very large part of the value). Scores at the end of the level often seem very large when compared to other computer games.
Free Download Games Luxor 3 Full Version
Free Download Games Luxor 3 Full Version
Power-ups in Luxor 3 fall from point outburst for the captured by ball launcher after three consecutive launched spheres cause explosions on the main line of the ball. Each color balls representing the God or goddess of Egypt are different, and different power-ups will be released based on what color is involved with the third consecutive explosion. When the power-up affect color, this color will be completely random from time to time. Here are the power-ups based on color (the order of these colors also represent the order in which the colors were introduced to the main game).

System Requirement
OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Memory: 256 MB
DirectX: 8.1 or later
CPU: P2 700
Video: 32 MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible Video Card

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